Instigator, The Creator of Trouble

We seem to be getting back into our routine this week.    Tuesday started up our play group again.   We’ve met sporadically throughout the summer either because of vacations, pregnancies, or inclement weather (which affected us because we were meeting at my community pool).

I was terribly excited for Davey to see all of his little buddies; friends he’d made when he was merely 3 months old and could barely move around.   I couldn’t wait to see him play with all of them especially now that he’s on their level and is able to walk around and keep up with them.    What I wasn’t terribly excited about was seeing him become the leader of the pack where trouble was concerned.   *Groan*

When we arrived at our friends Sandy and Landon’s house, Davey got to work walking over to Landon, trying to hug him and pat his head (his new thing these days.   I suppose this stems from us having a dog.)  Then I watched as he found a way to navigate DOWN the one step from the kitchen into the family room.   He walked around the family room, occasionally spewing out his baby gabble, picking up toys, looking at furniture, and just doing his typical inspection of his new surroundings.   Side note:  when Davey starts inspecting he walks around a little bent over (as his posture isn’t 100% yet) with his left hand on his lower back.  It’s quite humorous.

After a quick inspection and a chance to attempt to eat Landon’s crayons and coloring pencils, we settled in for play time, just the 4 of us, that was until Davey’s other buddy Ethan showed up with his new baby brother.   And then shortly after that, his long lost friend Pete made an appearance as well.

So, here we all were, minus a few friends, back together again.   Davey was so happy.  He was finally able to move with the others.   He was finally able to be a part of the action; unfortunately I didn’t know that action meant the encouragement of trouble for all the other boys.

Davey took it upon himself to take crayons and leave the family room.   He climbed the one step from the family room into the kitchen and immediately stepped on the accelerator heading for the hallway and parts unknown (at least to him).   Each time I caught him, I brought him back, told him “no” and he eventually surrendered control of the crayons as I was worried that he would use the walls as his canvas.   Yikes!

With crayons gone, I didn’t feel quite so nervous about Davey roaming the house, but still I wanted to prevent it.   And here’s what I found out about my son.   He’s not a follower; he’s more of a leader.   He’s an instigator, a troublemaker, the type who likes to push the boundaries.   He’s fearless, adventurous, and compelled to get into as much trouble as possible.   I caught him luring a few of his other buddies down the hall on Tuesday.   When I came upon them, two of them turned around and looked at me with an “uh oh” expression on their faces and they immediately stopped.   My son, looked at me, smiled, tried to grab his friend Ethan’s hand and run down the hall!   TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE…that’s my son.  Ugh!

As a side note, I at least don’t have to worry about Davey being a follower in life.  I don’t have to worry about him being led around by others.   He’s not having any part of that.   What I have to worry about is the level of trouble he’s willing to get himself and his friends into.   Sigh.   This mama’s going to have her work cut out for her!


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