Baby Gabble

What I wouldn’t give to know what he’s saying.   Each day he becomes more and more enunciated and more and more vocal.

Last night, my husband and I sat down to watch television while Davey played.  He has his times in which he will get into his own little world and play with his toys while his daddy and I do something else.  It’s a rarity, especially since he pretty much sits on the floor, minute after minute, entertaining himself without destroying the house.

We kept the television low as Davey sat with a plethora of books strewn out around him.   Our interests were more about our son and what was going through his mind and what he could possibly be trying to say.

Occasionally, Davey would pick up a book, open it wide and hold it up in front of him with a little giggle and a baby gabble that sounded like, “duh, dah, duh.”

He says the mish mash of words so definitively and with such inflection that I can’t help but wonder, is his little brain computing what’s in front of him?   Is he trying to say the words of the objects that he sees?  Does he know what those objects are?   And then the next thought that comes into my mind has me swelling with pride…my boy’s a genius!

After he’s twisted the book around in his hands a few times, he’ll put it back on the ground only to roll over and get on his hands and knees and flip through the pages.   And again, his little gobbledy gook of language spills from his mouth as his points at things on the page.

Last night we tried not to interfere with him and what he was doing.   I’m afraid that if I try to get involved with him at that point then I’ll only distract him and as selfish as it sounds, I just enjoy listening to his baby talk.   I like the way his voice sounds when he tries to talk and make words.    I like the way some words come out more high-pitched than others.   I like how sometimes he’ll grunt after he talks.    I love just listening to him; it’s one of the greatest relaxations and enjoyments for me.

Davey can say “mama” and “dada”, but apparently he’s close to saying “cracker” and he even tries really hard to say Sissy, which is the name we use when referring to our dog, Dixie.   Of course, he can’t exactly enunciate the “s”, so when talking to the dog it comes out more as “diddie” which we could confuse for my husband except that Davey is always walking over towards Dixie or looking right at her when trying to saying her name.

Baby gabble is one of the most treasured little things about a child.   The sound of it can turn a really bad, upside down day into a state of pure bliss.  My husband tells me that sometimes the thought of coming home to hear Davey is what helps him make it through the day.


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