Uh Oh Giggles

I love being a SAHM.  It is pure and simple joy for me.  It’s almost as if everything I’ve worked for in life has been towards this goal and outcome.   It’s just bliss and each day is something new, something exciting, something impossible for me to keep to myself.

One of the greatest things about babies (and one of these days I’m going to create a blog listing all of the wondeful things) is their happiness and their ability to always bring excitement and joy to their parents lives as well as those around them.  There are new experiences, new milestones, and wonderful feats.

I’ve found that Davey has learned to entertain himself these days.  He’s good at playing with his own toys, starting conversations with those toys, laughing and cooing.   I sometimes find myself quietly watching from the hallway as he empties out his bin of toys and then laughs at them.   I silently laugh as well and my heart melts.

The other thing I’ve found is that apparently I’m entertaining as well!  Who would have ever thought that!   Most certainly not me.  I’m not exactly witty.  I don’t always understand jokes and well, humor can be beyond me.  Fortunately, it’s not beyond my son and some of the cheesiest things in the world seem to make him giggle uncontrollably.   Much like the You Tube baby who giggled incessantly as his daddy tore up strips of paper, my son does the same when I say the words “uh oh” in high-pitched tones.   I just can’t possibly understand it, but it makes me laugh so hard to see him that I get pains in my stomach.  I’m in near tears over the laughter.  I want to keep him awake just to find ways to make him laugh.  His laugh makes me laugh and it’s so infectious.   I love it.


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