I figured I would take a little bit of time to start cleaning out some of Davey’s clothes and get his room re-organized.   Upon doing so, I was led down another avenue that included doing an inventory of everything he has, including toys, bottles, diapers, clothing, bath accessories, and well anything that is baby related.

After a few hours of this and looking at items that have still NOT been opened since my husband and I got them as baby shower gifts, I decided to write a blog to help new parents as they are wading through the sometimes muddy waters of what is really needed for a baby.

One of the first things that came to mind was the ridiculously expensive bathtub my husband and I registered for.   I hate to admit that we were sucked in with the excitement of all of the new, nifty, high-tech items now available for kids.   When we were given that magic scanner upon arrival at Buy Buy Baby, we went berserk!   It was like registering for our wedding times 100!   A candy store for adults, a plethora of items NOT needed, but definitely coveted.

So, let’s get back to the bathtub and the one feature that we were sold on…it has whirlpool action for the baby tub that can then be transferred over to the big tub.   Only problem, it requires C batteries.   Now, let me throw this question out there…how many times do you think that whirlpool action has been utilized?   I don’t think I need to answer that, as it’s a bit redundant.  A kitchen sink works just fine and now that Davey is bigger, I put on my bathing suit and hop in our big bathtub with him.   My husband sits on the side and plays with Davey and helps to give him a bath.  What a waste of money that whirlpool bathtub was.

Second thing I found was a stroller cover that keeps the baby insulated during cold weather.   I suppose if you live in the arctic tundra or are even from my husband’s neck of the woods, aka Southern Canada (just kidding!  He’s from Western NY), then something like this will come in handy.   For SC, where we’re located, the tags are still on it, as it hasn’t even been opened.

Third thing is my boppy that I HAD to have to help me out with breastfeeding.   The only times that thing has been used is when I was in the hospital and first learning how to breastfeed.   After that, it’s pretty much taken up residence in my son’s closet.   I can’t remember to carry that thing around everywhere I go, plus at pretty much any seat in our household there is a pillow readily available that serves the exact same purpose.

What I found that we could use more of is burp clothes, but not in the flimsy little things that companies sell as burp clothes.  Instead, we use cloth diapers.   They’re much wider and thicker and you can buy them in bulk.  Plus they make cute little shower gifts when you take them to an embroider.

I also did a major boo-boo when I returned a bunch of onesies and bibs.   I felt we had too many and that there was no way Davey would need that many.  I was wrong.   Stock up on the bibs and the onesies.   At the rate my son goes through onesies between spit ups, pee, and diaper blow-outs, we should have invested in the company that makes them, same thing with bibs.   Davey goes through at least three of those a day now that he’s teething and he’s a non-stop faucet of drool!

Another thing I’m guilty of, that I would like to discourage is going out to spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothing.   Trust me when I tell you this kid will get SOOO many articles of clothing from family and hand me downs from friends.  Becoming a mom is such an exciting time and we all want the best and finest for our little ones, just remember to use logic and reason before making that purchase.

I want to encourage all of you future mothers to take some time to actually evaluate what you NEED as opposed to what you WANT.   There are only a few items I would encourage you to splurge on…a good breast pump (I love my Medela free style), pack and play, bottles, and a swing of sorts (we bought a Mamaroo, which we adore).

I’ve created an additional page on this blog for Products I Love and will be updating it over the weekend with some of the items I would swear by and if any of you other moms out there want to offer some insight for my readers as to what products you would encourage purchasing and those you would discourage, please feel free to drop me a line.

Congratulations to all of you first time Mommies out there!   It’s truly a life-changing and exciting time!


One thought on “Inventory

  1. Amy- I am not great with a sewing machine, or I would have made you some of these myself. My Mom always took heavy duty white ribbon and attached the ribbon to four sides of a big cloth diaper leaving the ends long. Doing this you have all four sides covered with an edging and then leave it long and the ends… so each end has two ties. Mom gave these to all new Mommies and NONE of them ever knew what they were. She’d have a good time explaining that you tie these diapers to the rungs of your crib- over the sheets. So, when baby drools, has blow outs, spits up or pees on it… you don’t have to change all the linens on the crib… you just have to change this very absorbent and comfy “oversheet” (and, of course, the baby)..

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