Houston, We Have a Discovery!

Each morning immediately after I feed Davey, we have a little routine. It consists of me asking him if he has a smile for mommy. He’ll look at me for a couple of moments, he’s blue-gray eyes probing everything about me. I’ll beg him and say, “Please, mommy should could use a smile. Don’t you have one that mommy could borrow? Just a small one that she can keep in her pocket and pull out when she needs something to get her through the day.” And almost as if on cue, Davey will duck his head as if he’s a turtle, even a little shy and the next thing you know, that big ol grin spreads across his face. And mommy then takes it and puts in her pocket for the day.

Today, his smiles meant more to me and actually brought tears to my eyes. I even asked my husband if we could just freeze time and keep Davey the age he is now.

Davey had his two month old shots today and with the remodeling of the doctor’s office now complete, we were able to have a room that actually had a mirror behind the table. After Davey was weighed, his diaper back on, he and I sat up on the table and looked into the mirror. I think today was the first day that my son actually discovered himself and realized that the baby in the mirror was him! I laughed so hard with him as he looked into the mirror, the left side of his lip curling up as if giving an Elvis smile and then his mouth quickly forming an “oh” as he realized that it was himself making those faces. Once that was realized, it was all down hill.

I spent what felt like an eternity watching my son as he flirted with himself in the mirror, talked to himself, watched as his feet met each other in the mirror and the giggle that followed. I laughed when he pointed at himself, when he reached out with an open palm and smacked the mirror and then threw his head back as he attempted a fit of hysterical laughter. I was so intoxicated with my son and his every little movement, that I actually made the doctor wait until we were finished playing!

I dreaded this afternoon for weeks, the afternoon that he would be forced to get his two month old shots and the pain and suffering that I would have to go through with him. What I didn’t anticipate was the magical moments I would have with my son, moments that I eagerly tried to record on the memory card in my brain. I don’t want to forget this day, his first “ah-ha” moment of discovery. Nothing gave me so much joy and I found myself fulling engulfed in an intense belly laugh watching my son.


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