Poopy Stained Pants

Last week, my husband and I took Davey out for his first official portraits. Olan Mills has this wonderful little promotion for babies 3 months and under…you get a free 8×10, 2 5x7s and 16 wallets for free. The catch of course, is that they are of the same pose, you can’t choose multiple poses, but where they make their money is by up selling you on additional sheets with additional poses as well as the rights to the pictures, by selling you the cd. Don’t worry, this blog isn’t about promoting Olan Mills, although I am a huge fan of sharing great deals especially with first time mothers.

So, back to the portraits…the pictures were only of Davey. My husband and I were not interested in having ourselves in the photos (will wait until the Christmas card picture for that). My responsibility was to help Stacy, the photographer, with positioning my son. The first few poses seemed to go pretty well. We placed him in a miniature cradle with blue pillows and a bear alongside him. The first few shots, my son became a ham, playing up the camera, doing a few little jigs (as if he were trying to dance) and even at one point attempted a smile.

After we moved him from that pose, the next was his first official “tummy time” on a bear rug, which totally excited my husband. I placed Davey on his tummy and turned his head so that it was resting on the head of the bear. He quickly latched on to the ears of the bear, and actually attempted yet another smile. A few shots here and we were ready to move on to the next one and I noticed that my son was started to get a little bit fussy. Our window of opportunity was slowly fading. Thank God I brought a bottle with me and was able to appease him for a few moments. The problem with this; however, is that as soon as my son starts eating, it’s pretty much a guarantee that he’s going to take a pretty ripe dump. Unfortunately, I didn’t exactly think about this scenario as I fed him.

A few minutes into his feeding, I heard the tell-tale sign of an extremely juicy fart (sorry for the graphics, but really these words don’t do it any justice). I didn’t put much thought into it other than the fact that the studio might smell for a few moments, but I knew as soon as the shots were over, I would immediately change his diaper and be done with it. What I wasn’t prepared for was another diaper blow-out.

As I lifted my son, off of my leg in order to position him into his next pose, I noticed the 2 silver dollar sized mustard stain on my khaki colored capri pants. My son had not only managed to take a poop all over himself, it had actually oozed out onto my pants leg! Now, the old Amy would have immediately panicked about being out in public in poopy stained pants, the new Amy, the mommy Amy, took it in stride. I laughed it off, asked my husband for a wipe for my son, and then instructed him to get a Shout wipe for me. I cleaned my son, Shouted out my pants and jumped back into the photo shoot without skipping a beat.

Looking back on this as well as all the other things that come along with being a mother, I can’t help but be totally amazed at how things about me have changed. What once was a priority, now becomes secondary. And I have to admit, I proudly walked around the department store with my poopy stained pants. It was almost my rite of passage into mommyhood. I didn’t care who saw or who said something, I’m a mother now and this comes along with the territory, and as odd as it may sound, I love it.


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