The Cooker Man Davey Show

A few weeks ago, Davey and I caught a cooking show on t.v.   For quite some time, the kitchen has been one of his favorite places.  He’s learned more skills in his 4 short years on this earth, than I’ve learned in my nearly 41 years.  After watching this show, Davey told me he’d like to have his own cooking show.  I asked what he would call it and he said, “The Cooker Man Davey Show”.   I’m not that great at graphics, nor am I that technologically savvy, but I did mount my camera on the tripod and after a brief review of how to operate the video function, I set us up to record a pilot episode of “The Cooker Man Davey Show”.   Thanks to a friend on Facebook, I was able to download free software, one that helps technologically impaired dummies like me, and this was the result.   Enjoy.


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