Winter Wonderland



The snow flakes began falling, light little flakes of dandruff from the clouds. We’d seen it before, nothing spectacular, but still a beautiful sight.

Slowly the ground began to transform into a crystal layer of white fluffiness. It looked like a powdery sugar goodness. The branches of the pine trees were beginning their acrobatics of swaying in the wind and somersaulting to the ground. They dramatically bowed after each little gust of wind, sweeping the snowy wonderland under their tips.

At first, Davey wasn’t impressed. He didn’t like snow, or so he claimed. We all know better. He was just being difficult, contradicting every thing we said. Henry; however, stared out the sliding glass doors onto the deck now covered in snow. With each passing moment, the flakes became bigger, each one a unique little gift from heaven. What a magical site for the kids and I found myself sitting alongside Henry, watching the flakes fall softly to the ground. What was he thinking? Was he comprehending what he was seeing? Man, I wish I could be inside his mind, to see the wheels turn.

Davey eventually warmed up to the snow, an irony in itself. We drove down the road and he was mesmerized with the plows, their huge shovels hooked to the trucks. What were these machines with their added mechanical arms and why were there so many on the roads? He watched the people pushing their snowblowers. He sat for minutes watching the machine till up the snow and then shoot it out feet into the air. How exciting!

The best side effect to the snow, though, was how just its sheer sight encouraged my boy to WANT to take a nap. If he napped, he concluded, then he could go outside and play it in. How right he was because two and a half hours later, a good nap under his belt, Davey was pulling on his snow boots and snow pants for an afternoon adventure that rivaled anything he could experience down south.

The snow was still coming down when we went outside. The flakes were changing from small to large and the wind had begun gusting more. When Davey set his first foot into the snow he let out the loudest giggle as the snow came up to his knee! He stepped in with another foot and once again, the snow engulfed his knee! So much snow! So much beauty and so many things to do! We made snowballs, at least to the best of our ability with the light, powdery flakes. Davey tried running and found that it was like having a weight tied around you. He couldn’t go as fast and had to raise his legs higher.

We made snow angels. We stood tall, our arms held out to our sides, and fell backwards into the cushion of snow. We laid there, letting the snowflakes touch our lashes. It was marvelous. I snapped pictures as Davey and his daddy tossed snowballs at each other. I smiled when he wanted to help shovel the driveway (always wanting to be like his daddy). Most of all, my heart was content as Davey played.

It’s a hard time to be away from family especially at Christmas. I’m grateful that if my husband’s family must live so far away, they live in a place that provides my children an adventure that they otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m thankful we get this opportunity to be with them and I praise The Lord for providing His wonderful beauty for my boys to see.



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