A Love Letter to My Husband

My Darling Husband,

Strange I know, that I begin most every letter I’ve written to you with the words “darling husband”, when I don’t necessarily use those words when talking to you. I may not say them, but I do consider you the most darling of husbands, plus every romantic letter usually starts with some sort of adoration. It sets the mood.

It’s been almost nine years since you asked me to be your wife. Nine years. That’s quite a span of time. At first, I was nervous as to what our futures would hold. Would we be the wild and crazy couple with whom all of our friends would wish to socialize? Would we become world travelers? What about our family? Perhaps we would start one? Well, as you’re quite well aware, starting a family wasn’t my priority. I kicked and fought you the entire way, well almost, until God smacked me in the head and suggested I straighten up my act.

Since marrying you, my life has been one adventure after another. We’ve travelled, we’ve fought, we’ve loved each other and those around us. We’ve both become Christians and we’ve become parents to two of the most delightfully strong willed, intelligent, and happy little boys this world has ever seen. I attribute their intelligence solely to you, but unfortunately they’ve developed my knack for thumbing their nose at the proper way of doing things, instead choosing to trod through life with their own sense of free will. They’re good boys, though, with wonderful hearts and loving arms, and for that I thank you.

I suppose it was Wednesday, as we were driving you to work, that helped to further strengthen my love for you (as if I needed another reason). You see, I didn’t realize that when you asked that I purchase two back issues of Sports Illustrated, the one with Derek Jeter’s exit interview, that you intended to give one to a total stranger. Had you have told me, I may have tried to talk you out of it. Knowing now, who that stranger is, I’m glad you did it.

I found it odd when you threw you hand up at this old man clad in all sorts of Yankees paraphernalia as he stood on his front porch and watched the rush hour traffic passing by. “Hey, Nicky!” you yelled and I was astonished. Did you know his name or was that something you made up or did you hear it from someone else? When you explained to me how you see this man every morning, sitting on his front porch with his Yankees jacket on, I was shocked that you paid so much attention to him. How many times have I selfishly asked you to pay attention to me, when all you do is give me the love and attention any woman could ever want or need? Suddenly I was ashamed of myself.

My heart exploded for you, though as you told me how you haven’t seen Nicky in a while. How he used to ride his bike all the time and then for two weeks he wasn’t around and you were worried for him. You were worried for him! How beautifully unselfish of you! So, you explained to me you finally saw him again and decided to take him a magazine, the Sports Illustrated. I never knew you had stopped by on Monday morning on your way to work. As you told me of how you walked up onto his porch, I pictured the happiness on this gentleman’s face, a happiness that a total stranger would stop and bring him something, would want to sit down and talk with him. Then I pictured you, my husband, doing all of this and suddenly it wasn’t a surprise, because this is you. I suppose what surprised me this most is that you waited two days to tell me what you’d done! You never shouted it loud, asking for the world to see your act. Your humility astounds me. It is who you are and for that I fall more in love with you everyday.

I’m so grateful that the Lord had you choose me, or maybe it was me choosing you. I’m so blessed that He decided that you would be the father of my children, you, the man with a heart bigger than his chest. How fortunate the boys are to have a father like you setting examples such as this. I couldn’t imagine someone better for my children. You are our hero, our best friend, our savior, our rock, and the greatest man we’ll ever know.

As I close this letter, my darling husband, I wish my words could offer you more along the ways of love. My wish is that my words fill every crevice within your heart and soul with love. You are loved, you are admired, and I am the wealthiest woman alive to have you as my husband. No one could ever come close.

All my undying love!


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