Happy Valentine’s Day

We don’t really go all out in our house for Valentine’s Day.   At least, my husband and I never did in the past, and we really don’t now, but since we had Davey, I’ve found the holiday to be a lot more enjoyable.  

Last year, Davey made his first officially Valentine’s and sent them out to my husband’s family who live in NY.   It didn’t require much effort from him, but was fun for me.   You can check the archives to see what we did last year and perhaps use it as a template for what you could make as well.   I know it’s a little late now, but it’s good to save for next year. 

This year, I went a little bit further for Valentine’s Day and actually braved the world of toddler painting and allowed Davey to paint his gifts.   I bought wooden heart frames at A.C. Moore, red washable paint, a couple of paint brushes, and some stickers.   I spread out the newspaper to protect the kitchen table and put a towel in Davey’s chair and let him go to town. 


After allowing the frames to dry, he put then put stickers on.   I had to restrain myself as he put the stickers on haphazardly, after all this was his project and not mine.   My part was to find the perfect picture, which can be hard to do when you have a two year old who is constantly saying, “no cheese, Mama,” each time you pull a camera out. 


Fortunately, I found the perfect picture made better by the fact that I converted it into black and white.   Tuesday they were dropped off into the mail before our “epic” snowstorm hit and my in laws received them yesterday!   Perfect timing.  


So, from the Doser household to yours, we hope you have a wonderfully loving and relaxing day with your Valentine(s).  


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