I don’t think I’ve really understood the magically powers of a kiss. At the risk of sounding slutty, I’ve had my share of kisses in life. I can still remember my first kiss and how terrifying and awkward it was. I can recall my first “true love” kiss and how my entire body seemed to tingle. Then of course there was “The Kiss”, the one I shared with my husband when we were pronounced husband and wife. That kiss has been the most phenomenal one to date, but I suppose it’s the kisses I receive from a three foot little boy who calls me “mama” that really just sets my entire body on edge.

Kisses with my husband have always been wonderful. They’ve been passionate and powerful, sweet and doting, and even angry. Kisses with Davey can basically be summed up as little gifts from heaven, far greater than what I’ve ever experienced before. A kiss, to a child, means something much more than what it ever could mean to an adult.

I love how he randomly walks over to me and says, “kiss, mama”, while closing his eyes and puckering up. When he falls, he runs over to me, and with his crocodile tears, says, “kiss, mama.” He holds up wherever his boo boo may be and once it’s been kissed, I get an “all better, mama”.

Each morning, when he wakes he has to offer up a kiss, not just to me and his daddy, but also to our dog, Dixie. It’s endearing and melts my heart. To him, a kiss fixes everything and just makes the whole world better. Too bad that’s really not true. If a simple kiss could fix the problems of this world, then imagine the possibilities. To my baby, it IS as simple as that.

A kiss heals a boo boo or scrape. A kiss starts the morning out right. A kiss makes it easier to sleep at night. A kiss before leaving says, “be safe”. A kiss in the middle of the day says, “just because.” A kiss is the most phenomenal gift given especially when it comes from your child.

I count my blessings every day. I’m fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to experience this little treasure. As a matter of fact, kisses from Davey have even influenced the kisses my husband and I share with each other. We’re a little bit slower about it, a little bit more deliberate, and actually realize the true meaning behind our kisses. I thank my son for that.


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