Baby 2.0 Being Jipped?

My husband actually brought this up two days ago. It’s very rare to receive a phone call from him during the day unless it’s an emergency or he’s coming home early. So, when my phone rang at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon, I thought “uh oh, something’s happened and it ain’t good.”

“Hello,” I say a bit perturbed. I was actually considering taking a nap when he called, so I really didn’t want to talk.

“I was thinking,” he says quietly. “I think we’re jipping this new baby.”

Great! Was the thought that came to my mind. He’s been reading and has thought of some ridiculous and trendy way to already begin coddling this new baby. He’s going to want me to do something absurd.

“We’re not jipping the new baby,” I retorted.

“At this point in your pregnancy with Davey, we were already letting him listen to music through headphones on your belly and we were reading to him. We haven’t done any of that.”

As much as I hate to admit when my husband is right, he is right in this instance. So, it really got me to thinking. Is it because the “newness” doesn’t exist with this baby or are we just really being much too lazy?

I’ve blogged about this in the past. The whole not going overboard with Version 2.0. I don’t have a room for this baby right now (I don’t need it, but Davey already had a room at this point). I haven’t really been speaking to this one like I did with Davey. I’ve actually relished the fact that people have been unable to tell I was pregnant this time around, whereas with Davey I wanted to start showing IMMEDIATELY.

I don’t think there are in repercussions to this baby as of yet, even though I did tell Davey shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Version 2.0 that he needn’t worry about the new baby, because he would always be my favorite. Gah! What was I thinking!?!?!?! What if Version 2.0 heard that? Not to worry, I’ve quickly amended myself since then.

In an effort to show Version 2.0 that he/she is just as loved as Davey and worth every ounce of effort, I’ve started multitasking (more so than usual) and finding ways to give Version 2.0 the same amount of love even in the womb.

Davey can’t exactly read right now, but he has a few favorite books that he already knows the words to. So, I’m encouraging him to help mommy read to the baby. It’s actually quite endearing and sweet to watch him get on his hands and knees while on the couch and look at my belly and talk. When Davey goes down for his naps in the afternoon, I’ve begun taking my iPod with classical music and putting the headset on my belly. It was actually quite relaxing for me today and I think I had the best nap I’ve had to date.

Last night, my husband rubbed my belly before bed and for the first time during the pregnancy, talked to Version 2.0 and said “good night”. I’ve even dug up the old Dr. Seuss book, “Baby, Oh Baby, The Places You’ll Go” (which my husband read EVERY night before bed to Davey while he was still in my womb) and have it prepped for tonight.

Don’t worry, Version 2.0! You’re just as loved as your big brother and you’re daddy and I are going to start showing it!


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