Patience, Young Grasshoppers

I’ve said it over and over…I’m not a patient person. I knew motherhood would be a test since patience was never one of my virtues, nor did I ever strive to attain any. What was the point? Well, there is a point to it especially when you become a mother. That point being, if you don’t develop it quickly you’ll go insane.

One of the things that has really bugged me about my son is the fact that he seems to be a little late in the talking arena. I feel he’s late, but everyone else says he’s right on schedule. “Right on schedule” doesn’t exist in my lexicon. You’re either early or your late. There’s no in between. So, basically, he’s late. And of course, add to it the fact that I’m an overachiever and competitive by nature, then my poor son doesn’t stand a chance. Or at least he used to no longer stand a chance.

I’ve begun to adopt a level of patience especially since I’ve become a mother. And what I’ve found is that the patience has paid off.

Davey is picking up so many words every day, words that seem ridiculously impossible for a child to say, words like “octopus”. He’s putting words together and creating sentences like, “Mama, I see Dada pee.” I completely astounded every day at the level his brain is expanding. On a side note, it would be super awesome if he’d learn to say “mimi”, at least for my mother’s benefit!

These days, I’m no longer concerned about how quickly he’s speaking especially in comparison to other children. These days, I’m actually a little bit jealous of the moms of those children who aren’t speaking a lot. They’re getting peace and quiet.


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