OCD Mommy

I like to say I was once pretty OCD.   Everything needed to be perfect and every item had only one residence.   I remember thinking to myself that when I became a mother that would NEVER change.   I actually threw my head back and laughed devilishly at other moms who told me that would change.   No way was that part of my life going to change.  I mean it’s a part of my personality, it’s what makes me who I am, and it can’t change.   It’s not like moving furniture to be more accommodating.   It’s changing a unique part of me and I never thought that was possible.   Well, one thing I’ve learned….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU BECOME A MOM. 

I’ve always been able to multi-task, whether it is work, school, or friends and family.   Piece of cake for someone like me who always needs to stay busy and have a project going.   My old version of multi-tasking is obsolete.   As a matter of fact, I don’t think it can be considered multi-tasking, it was more like organizing.   Now, staying busy means chasing after my son as he crawls under tables, behind couches, climbs stairs and chairs, walks into bathrooms and closets.   Multi-tasking means writing this blog while holding him and giving him a bottle.   Multi-tasking means washing dishes while between giving my son bites of food.   Multi-tasking means being a mom.  

So, that part of me hasn’t changed.   Of course, I don’t have as much time for myself and what I want to do, but it’s life.   What has changed is my obsessive need to keep things neat and tidy.  It’s not possible and anyone who tells you it is as a mother is literally a super mom.  

Books go on a shelf, but not while my son is awake.   Toys go in the toy box, but not while my son is awake.   Currently my kitchen is an obstacle course of a bouncing ball, one fire truck, an activity table, a play hammer, mega blocks and a wagon.   And what do I do about it?   Right now, I just step over and navigate.  I learn the obstacle course and how best to maneuver it until my son takes a nap.  

When you become a mom, the only thing you become OCD about is your child and his well-being and what makes him happy and what makes him tick.    OCD for moms is a completely different universe, one I’m more than happy to be a part of.