Beach Trip

I stood out on the balcony, much like I do every summer when I arrive at my parent’s beach condo.   I like to people watch, get a feel of what to expect for the week, and I like to reminisce.

My parents bought this condo when I was in the 11th grade, so over 20 years ago.  We’ve spent many a summer there as family, when my brother was alive, and more recently, my husband and I have spent our summers there as my parents no longer seem to enjoy the crowds and the heat of late July in Myrtle Beach, SC.

This past week was the first week we took Davey with us.   It was his first experience with sand, the ocean, and what I thought would be unbearable heat (as it usually is).    As I watched my son play, I started to think back to all of the summers I’ve spent not just at the condo but in Myrtle Beach.

My husband and I were truly unaware of what to expect on our first beach excursion.   We came prepared…tent, chairs, Davey’s chair, cooler, toys, towels, sunscreen, and camera.    Of course, it was a bit of a comedy show watching us attempt to put the tent up while also chasing after an overly adventurous 10 month old.

I watched as my son became enchanted with the sand, the little grayish crystals that seemed to siphon right through his fingers.    It was the amazement upon his face that really took my breath away, but also melted my heart as I experienced yet again another moment of true bliss and happiness just watching my son.

When we took him down to the water, he showed no fear, no need to cling to my legs or to his daddy’s.   We kept him at the edge at first, letting the little waves of water gently lap at his feet.    As the water raced back into the ocean, he moved closer, almost chasing after it with his hands outstretched and wonderment on his face.    It was like he was saying, “Come back!”

We took him out a little bit further into the ocean, this time letting the water rise up to his knees.   Davey let out a squeal, an excitement and happiness, as he leaned over and started splashing the water.   He was in love, truly in love.   He sat down at the edge and let the water engulf him to his torso.   He kicked and splashed, giggled and squealed.

He spent hours in the sand, raking his fingers through the disheveled layers.    He tore down sand castles as quickly as his daddy and I built them.   And he explored the beach, making new friends, and picking up seashells along the way.

I’ve spent a lot of my lifetime in Myrtle Beach and I’ve always loved every minute of it, but taking my son for the first time and experiencing it with him helped me to see not just our vacation and the condo and the beach in a whole new light.   It helped to see my life in a whole new light and I am truly blessed.   I am truly happy and I am truly loved.

As my husband carried Davey down to the car on our last morning, I stood back on that balcony and reminisced yet again.   This time I saw my son from afar playing on the beach and for a moment just a brief moment I saw my brother standing alongside him.


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