You’re Going to be in Pictures, Baby

For weeks, well maybe months, I’ve toyed around with the idea of buying a new camera.   Since Davey’s birth, my husband and I have used our trusty iPhone’s or our old point and shoot in order to preserve Davey’s events.   It’s been boring and while the photos are easier to share when on our iPhone (text and post to Facebook quickly), they’re not really of the caliber I want especially for my child.

Last month, I decided that I wanted a new camera.   I wanted one that would show all of the little intricacies of my child’s moments.   A camera that would not only enhance the days of excitement, anguish, happiness, and hurt, but also allow us to feel like we were being transported back to the actual time the picture was taken.  I wanted us to be able to look back on these pictures and feel the same emotions we felt at the time the pictures were taken.  

Since buying this camera, I haven’t left the house without it.   I’ve taken it to the grocery store, to the flea market, to the gas station, on airplane rides, everywhere you can possibly imagine.   I have no desire to miss a single moment of my son’s daily growth.   The only problem is that I think Davey could care less if his days are documented.

What was to be a hobby has now become an intrusion in my son’s personal life, or so that’s how I feel he’s seeing it.   Ask me if I’m concerned about his feelings in this regard, especially at 10 months of age.   The answer would be a resounding “no”.   It’s my duty as his mother to be as obnoxious as I can be when it comes to taking his picture.    And I’m even more shameless when it comes to sharing those pictures.   Raise your hand please if you’ve become annoyed with my excessive need to share his photos.  

The past couple of days, I’ve taken a break from forcing my son to endure a camera lens in his face.    I’ve been putting my time to use by researching poses and new adventures.   I almost feel a bit devious, like I’m the mustachioed man drumming his fingers together while concocting an evil scheme.   Oh well.   It comes with the territory…being a mother.  

And I said to Davey the day I bought the camera and I’ll say it again…You’re going to be in pictures, Baby!  Muhahaha!


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