Mommy Causing the Damage?

I’ve said it before…being a mom is the most difficult job in the world.   You’re always second guessing yourself, operating from time to time off of emotions, stressed over minor injuries, and worried about how you’re doing as a whole in the motherhood department.

Each day I ask myself if I’m doing enough for Davey.   Should I be reading to him more?  Should I be playing with him more?  Should I have him interact with other people more?   Should I be pushing him harder to be everything he can be at this age?   It’s stressful!  

Lately, Davey has become a bit more clingy.   I don’t know if that’s because of his age or if I’m doing the damage by constantly making myself available to him at every whim.  

Davey doesn’t play alone for long.   If I leave the room for more than a few minutes, he starts crying.   I’ve always been quick to come back to him and not because I’m worried about how he is, but more because I don’t like hearing him cry for long.   It tears at my nerves!  

Last week, my husband and I tried to handle an issue with our air conditioning units in the attic.   We put Davey in his room, put the baby gate up (he’s crawling and has started walking) and pulled out all of his toys.  I played with him for a couple of moments as I was hoping that he would continue to play when I walked away.  Not the case.

For a half an hour, he clung to the baby gate and cried.   He screamed.   He grunted and growled, closed his hands up into fists and his face started getting red.   My husband and I actually thought we heard him crying the words, “ma ma” which really tore at my heart.  

So, I’m asking all of you moms out there…is this normal?  Am I doing the damage by constantly being in the same room with him all of his waking hours?   I know he does fine when I leave him with my aunt or my parents, but they have to be in the same room with him otherwise he cries.   What can I do to fix this?   Am I worried for no reason?   Is it too soon, at 9 & 1/2 months, to be concerned about him not being independent enough? 

Please help!


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