Mommy’s Little Climber

At last week’s doctor’s appointment, we were told that Davey is about 2-3 months ahead of the game developmentally.   My husband didn’t exactly want me to share this with everyone as he feels it’s a bit rude and that I’m turning the raising of our child into a competition with other mothers.   To that I say, “whatever!”  Very juvenile, I know.   But here’s the thing, I’m not turning it into a competition, I’m just one proud mama!   I mean, after all, everyone else posts reports on Facebook about how well their child is doing in school and what award he/she has won.   Why shouldn’t I be the same way with my 9 month old?

Davey has been crawling since he was approximately 6 months old.   He’s been sitting on his own since he was 4 months old.   He stands by himself and will even walk alongside you while holding one of your hands.   He’s not yet to the point of letting go and trying one foot in front of the other all alone, but he’s getting there and according to our doctor, he’s getting there a lot faster than other kids.

Monday afternoon I discovered another little treat that my son is capable of.   While sitting in our office, filing away the massive amount of paperwork that has accumulated, I caught in my peripheral vision movement on our staircase.   Immediately I looked up to find that my son was already on the 6th step and climbing FAST!

Fortunately, I didn’t do what my instinct was saying, which was to scream STOP!   I’m afraid doing that would have scared him and caused him to somersault backwards right back down those 6 steps.   Instead, I jumped up and immediately ran to a few steps behind him and encouraged him to take a few more steps, while whipping out my iPhone and recording the event.

Davey continued to climb and with such plausible excitement that I couldn’t help but laugh at him.    He giggled with each step, occasionally looking back to make sure that I was watching him.   He made it to the landing before deciding to stop.   Since then, my husband and I now encourage Davey to climb the steps at bedtime.

The past two nights, when I’ve said bedtime, Davey has crawled into the foyer and to the staircase.  I climb a few steps ahead of him, offering my encouragement, the doting cheerleading mother that I am.   My husband stays a few steps behind him, hand at the ready, should Davey happen to fall backwards.   And both nights he’s climbed the stairs and crawled into his bedroom.

Am I really surprised by this?  NOPE.   After all, my son is the product of two over-achieving parents.  It’s only natural that he get the best of both of us!  🙂



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