Bully My Kid? I’ll Bully You!

I’ve spent the better part of the day replaying the events of our library time over and over in my head.   At first, my blood pressure was boiling to the point of nearly using curse words.   I did my 4 mile run BEFORE our storytime, but perhaps I should have waited until AFTER.   As a matter of fact, I almost wanted to grab a punching bag and release some tension.

And as I continued to replay the antics of a bully child and his irresponsible, dead beat mother, I was reminded of my conversation with my hairdresser last week.   She said that the thing she dislikes about children is not the children themselves, but the parents.   So true!  So true!

Every Wednesday, Davey and I go to the local library for story time.  We’ve gone since my first day of being a stay at home mom and we’ve met some wonderful mothers and children.   We’ve even managed to work out additional playdates with some of these other moms and their babies on a weekly basis.   It’s a great thing and Davey has made so many wonderful friends.  

Now that school is out for the summer, storytime’s audience has grown larger.   There are a lot of new faces and Davey seems to be excited by that as he’s very gregarious.   He’s always smiling, always trying to play with other babies, and eager to give out hugs to the other mommies.   Now that he’s able to crawl around and is actually taking a couple of steps, he can interact with the other babies a lot more.   Given his personality, it’s no surprise for me to see him crawling over to another baby and smiling.   It melts my heart to watch him and I swell with pride knowing how kind and caring my child is at 8 months.

Today, as he crawled over to another baby, he was doing his best to talk and communicate.   As soon as he got to the other baby, who by the way is 6 months older than Davey and nearly twice his size, this other baby punched my child in the face.   Davey sat back, aghast and shocked, but he didn’t cry.  And just as soon as the kid punched Davey in the face, he punched him again.   I was shocked as I caught a look at the other mother watching her child bully mine.  

Immediately I stood up and pulled Davey away, situating him with other babies.   Then I turned my attention to the bully baby and his mother.  The child crawled over to another kid and punched him as well.   This time his mother was too engrossed in socializing with one of the other mothers to pay attention to her own child.   By this point, I was fuming, but figured I would just let it go, since I had already pulled Davey away, but then it got worse. 

While Davey was playing, the bully baby crawled over to my child and pulled his hair this time eliciting a scream from Davey.   I quickly grabbed my child as the other mothers looked to see what was going on and immediately glared at bully baby’s mother.   Davey and I then left storytime a half hour earlier than we normal.  

There was a part of me that wishes I had been more confrontational with the mother.   After all, if she were doing a better job as a parent, her kid wouldn’t be such a pain in the butt.   So, I’ve decided how I will deal with this next week which means I may be kicked out of storytime.  

If this little punk of a kid punches my baby, I’m going to his mother and explaining to her that for every time her kid punches mine, I’m going to punch her.   Does that seem fair?   I think so.   It’s her fault that her kid is a bully.   Ugh!   I just hate the fact that I’ve let this kid ruin my day considering that Davey has bounced back pretty quickly. 

And yes, Merri, I TOTALLY agree with you…it’s not the kids, but the parents.   Especially the self-centered, irresponsible parents.


2 thoughts on “Bully My Kid? I’ll Bully You!

  1. Michelle

    In as much as I agree with your anger, and your pain violence will only breed more violence. I have wanted to throttle another parent for their child being a rotten little (expletive), but I am guessing that if their child behaves like this then the parent is probably lacking somewhere, and will not learn from any action you can take.

    I adore children, and have five of my own. There have been many times I have cried for them because someone hurt them either physically or mentally. The best thing that we can do is to teach our children a few things. What matters in life is not the way others behave, but how we behave (and maybe this wont get me ahead, but I will be able to live with myself easier).

    We never know what the other person has to go home to, and they may not have a very good life. It matters that we teach our children that we love them, are here for them, and it is very important that we teach them to love themselves. Teach them how to be kind, understanding, patient, hard-working and to realize that not everyone else will have this privelege in life. Not everyone will be as loved as they are.

    I really do understand though, and I cant tell you how many times I have wanted to slug another parent for their childs poor behavior. Just wait until junior high…they become EVIL.

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