The Right Formula

I’ve tried every variation.   I introduced variable A, while keeping Control C constant.   When that didn’t work, I tried to introduce variable B, again Control C stayed constant.  Once again that didn’t work.   I was at my wit’s end.   Chemistry, or any science for that matter, was never my best subject, but I’ve found that I’ve had to treat my son’s naps like a chemistry experiment with my house being the lab.   Finally, after months and months of experimenting and changing, I’ve finally found the right formula and yesterday marked the 4th day in a row that my son has taken a substantial nap (again substantial is anything over an hour).

Wanna know the key?  It’s my bed!

Davey likes to be cuddled before his naps.   He likes to be surrounded by comfort and cushions.   It’s a feeling of safety and security for him, or at least that’s my assumption on it.   Some days I have to nurse him first.   Other days he just seems to fall asleep on his own.   The only other place that ever happens is in his car seat or stroller. 

Some days I have to lie on the bed with him; otherwise my movement to get up and be productive wakes him and then I’m back to square one.   I don’t know what other moms may do, but I think I’ve finally found the trick to getting my son to take a nap. 

What about the rest of you out there?   Drop me a comment with some of your tricks of the trade.   I have a lot of future mommies out there reading this blog and I know they would appreciate the advice.

In the meantime, my son is sleeping AGAIN and I’m going to take advantage of my mommy time.   Happy Wednesday to you all!


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