I thought about biting my tongue, just keeping it quiet especially since I knew what the reaction would be.  But that was the problem…knowing what the reaction would be.   I couldn’t let it go.  It was like finding that one thing that really bothers someone and continuing to poke at it.

We are and have been feeding Davey solids.   I’ve been pretty adamant about NOT buying processed baby food.  I want to make Davey’s food because at least this way I know for a fact what’s going into it.

Last week we introduced bananas into the mix.   At first we started with just half of a banana mixed with his rice cereal.  Now Davey is up to a whole banana.

****side note**** for those of you mommies out there who are a bit ignorant as to how to make homemade banana cereal for your child, all you need to do is mash-up the banana or put it into a food processor.  We cut our’s up into slices, mix in a little breast milk and put it into the Magic Bullet until it’s pretty much a thick liquid.   Then at that point, stir it into the rice cereal.

At his first feeding of banana cereal, my husband decided to take the opportunity to taste test the cereal.   I suppose his curiosity got the better of him, and instead of curiosity killing the cat as the age-old saying goes, curiosity grossed out the daddy.

I couldn’t help myself as I turned around from the kitchen sink and watched my husband sitting at the end of the island, propped up on the bar stool.  My son was slouched down just a bit in his high chair, playing his typical game of “try to feed me”.
After a couple of spoons into Davey’s mouth, I watched as my husband took another spoonful, inspected it a little and then quickly slid it into his mouth.  His face made an “I’m surprised this actually tastes good” look.   He had a couple of “hmms” before looking over at me.

“This isn’t bad,” he said.

“You know my breast milk was mixed in with that?” I asked while drying my hands with the towel.  I had a little smirk on my face, a sense of satisfaction knowing that I’d found something to really gross out my husband.

He looked at me, color fading from his face, and almost as a reflex started to gag.   He stuck his tongue out and furrowed his brows, reminding me of those stickers we used to get as kids to put on bottles of poison and chemicals in the house.   I had to laugh.   And I have to admit that what surprised me the most is that it took this long for my husband to actually try my son’s food.



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