Car rides, shopping, and Museums of Play

After a grueling and overly exhausting 12 hour drive from NC to Rochester, NY, we finally made it.  

The first few hours on the road, Davey actually slept.   Well, it was more like an hour and a half, but still we’ll take it and we did!   After he woke, he was content to watch the scenery that travelled past his window and even managed to strike up a conversation or two with the few toys we brought along.  My husband and I sang to Davey, talked to him, talked to each other and for the most part enjoyed the first few hours.  

We stopped after about two hours to grab a quick bite to eat while Davey slept and then after he woke, we topped off with gas and took a break to allow me to feed him.   At this point, it was still daylight outside and everything was flowing smoothly.  It wasn’t until we got to the outskirts of Washington, D.C. that Davey started to become frustrated as he was forced to deal with being bound to his car seat.  Of course, couple that with the rush hour traffic, on a Friday no less, and our nerves were nearly frayed with the screaming child as well.

After making it through to Pennsylvania and stopping for dinner at 8, Davey managed to sleep the entire remainder of the trip all the way up until our arrival at 1 am.   And at that point, the movement from the car to the house woke him, but we quickly got him back to sleep.  

Saturday was peaceful and relaxing.  Sunday we visited the great grandparents.  Monday we shopped at the outlets, but it was actually Tuesday that proved to be the most exciting so far.

My sister-in-law has a membership to the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY.   She’s eagerly awaited the opportunity to have a niece or nephew who she can take to the museum of play.   With Davey being 6 months old and already a wide-eyed precocious little baby, now is a good time take him.  

The Strong Museum is dubbed a museum of play with exhibits such as Sesame Street, Wegman’s grocery store, The Wizard of Oz, The Butterfly Exhibit with live butterflies, and even storylands with Dr. Seuss, Jack and the Beanstalk, and a Pirate ship with a plank to walk, a treasure chest to find, and pirate hats to make.   It’s an interactive, hands on learning experience for children and adults of all ages. 

Davey seemed to enjoy himself.  He grasped tightly to his first crayon, stroked the fur of a fake cow and chicken, built a house with blocks, road a train, talked with Elmo, made a pirate hat, and even danced with the butterflies that flew around.   His eyes darted from one scene to the next as he took in the vibrant displays and the sounds of trains, carousels, and giggling puppets.   I laughed as he took the opportunity to become a superhero with mommy and scale tall building.   He stretched hard and grunted loudly as he grasped for a hand hold to elevate him to the next level of the building.  

And as we rode the train, I watched Davey his eyes moving from one scene to the next and his hand held tightly around the rope keeping him in place, I smiled with happiness.   I get the opportunity that so many others don’t have to experience these once in a lifetime events with my son.  I enjoyed his first train ride with him and couldn’t help but wonder what he really thought of the whole thing.   Either way, my heart was at peace and my soul smiled with happiness.  


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