Baby in the Digital Age

Times are changing, and well times HAVE changed especially since the days of my parents having babies. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed, as well as my parents, is the HUGE advantages of having a baby in the digital age.

My mother still carries a wallet with plastic sleeves to hold pictures, as does my father. They are of the old school generation and have not jumped on board the digital picture band wagon. I’ve attempted to explain to them how wonderful text messaging is with a cell phone, not to mention learning to use your cell phone as a camera. After all, your camera is ALWAYS with you if it’s a part of your cell phone. It can serve as your portable photo album. Alas, my parents refuse to learn and prefer the antiquated methods of actual wallet photos that cost money to print. To each his own I suppose.

Another little perk about the digital age, aside from the constant information available at your fingertips via the worldwide web, is a little thing called “email”.

The day my husband and I checked in at the hospital to welcome Davey into this world, we started an email address for our son. Immediately, my husband mass emailed and texted out the address to our friends and family in the hopes that they would leave little notes for Davey or perhaps send pictures of themselves or my husband and me. At this point, I’m the only one to take advantage of this, I suppose that’s because I’m the writer (or pretend writer) in the family. I’ve used this as a way to tell stories to my son, to chronicle all or our adventures together, or to send him videos and pictures. I send him emails on a regular basis, so that should something happen to me, my son will have a piece of me with him…my words. And I’ve found that I do a much better job of conveying my emotions via the keyboard as opposed to verbally. I can paint a picture for him with my written words that he can read over and over again, and he’ll never have to wonder how I felt when he was first-born, or what my reaction was the first time he spit up on me. And for those family members who may read this and don’t have my son’s email address, message me and I’ll shoot it over to you! 🙂

Then there’s a little service known as Skype which allows for us to video chat with my in-laws in NY. I laugh when I think about seeing my husband’s grandparent’s face when we first Skyped with little Davey. The wonder and awe at such inventions that allowed for them to see their precious great-grandchild as if he were right alongside them, made me smile. I’m sure the thought of such a thing as skypeing never once entered their mind when they were raising their children in the 50s.

Again, the times are changing and I can’t imagine what new invention will arise during the course of my child’s life that will serve to make our memories so much more special and happy. For those first time mothers, please make sure to take advantage of everything the technological world has to offer and don’t miss out on any opportunities. Life is much too short.


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