In early 2011, I found out, at the ripe old (wink wink) age of 35, that I was expecting my first child.   It was something my husband and I had prayed about, something we had cried about, and even something we fretted about it.  Thoughts swirled through our heads.   Did we wait too late to try to have children?   Could we truly handle a child, raise it, and nurture it into a wonderful human being?

Davey 2011 2
My first “mommy and me” picture.

The first few months after we found out I was pregnant, I spent the better part of my days worrying about things like miscarriage, physical and mental abnormalities, and even health issues for me.   I fretted over everything imaginable, thereby nearly making my entire pregnancy the most unenjoyable thing for not just me, but also my husband.   In order to get through my insecurities, my emotional rollercoaster, and even advice from everyone who had already had a child, I decided to start this blog.

My goal was to not only chronicle my life as a first time mommy, but also perhaps to give some comfort and empathy to other women who were going through the same concerns regardless of it was their first, second, third, or beyond pregnancy.

Since the start of this blog, 5 years ago, I have become a mother once again to another little boy.   My oldest will soon be 5, my youngest 2 & 1/2.   With the introduction of the second one, life has definitely become more hectic, making it nearly impossible to dictate my adventures in mommyhood.

Henry birth 3

While my blogs may be becoming fewer and fewer, I still hope you all can find something of some interest, whether it be an “I’ve been there moment” to providing a shoulder for me to cry on.